About Harot Family Trading

Our company has become a trustworthy name in the field of household and office furniture in Ethiopia due to our commitment in providing best services to our valued customers.
Harot Family Trading furnitures are unique, high standard and found in many quantities and service warranty for the items delivered.
Harot Family Trading gives delivery service to its customers.

Harot Family Trading Plc established in the year 2009 by analyzing deep-rooted consumer's hunger for the need of furniture. Thank to the dramatic change of consumer's lifestyle, the company has been recording many outstanding annual progress in the furniture market.

Our company reached to establishment composing two shareholders who forethought the high demand of furniture products.

Through the past years, our company's main struggle was to focus on the strategies which can plant its name on the new market. Despite the challenging times that the company had faced during planting it's name on the market, there were no such hopeless conditions faced. In addition to attracting customers, our company, was and continues to be the only company supplying high quality products in line with afforded prices.

The initial capital that was invested in the furniture business by Harot Family Trading was 6 million birr. Harot Family Trading has four branches located in different areas of Addis Ababa

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